The Importance Of Windshield Repair

3 Time Constraints To Be Aware Of When Having Your Windshield Replaced

If your windshield is damaged, and the entire windshield needs to be replaced, you need to make sure that you are aware of the time constraints replacing your windshield. The most common time constraints have to do with how long it takes to replace your windshield, how long you have to wait to drive your vehicle, and how long you have to wait to do specific things with your vehicle.

How Long It Takes to Replace Your Windshield

If your windshield just needs to have a chip or crack repaired, and your entire windshield doesn't need to be replaced, the process often takes less than half an hour. However, if you need to have your entire windshield replaced, that process often takes a full hour.

When your entire windshield is replaced, the technicians have to carefully remove your windshield, put the new windshield in place, seal the windshield in place, and clean up any debris that they may get inside of your vehicle during the windshield installation process.

How Long You Have to Wait to Drive Your Vehicle

Once a new windshield is installed in your vehicle, it is generally recommended that you wait at least an hour to drive your vehicle. This wait time is in place to allow the sealant that holds your windshield in place time to settle and cure. It is important to ask the technician how long you will need to wait to drive your vehicle, because the curing time may vary based on a variety of factors. One of the biggest variables is the temperature outside. Extreme temperatures, either hot or cold, can increase or decreasing the amount of time for the sealant to cure on your windshield.

How Long You Have to Wait to Wash Your Vehicle

When you have a new windshield installed, it is advisable to wait an entire day before you wash your vehicle. If your vehicle is on the dirty side, wash it before you get your windshield replaced.

Waiting at least a day to wash your vehicle just provides extra time to make that all the glue and sealant used on your windshield has fully and completely cured; you don't want to wash away or damage the integrity of the seal on your windshield.

When you need to replace your windshield, make sure that you have at least an hour for the replacement time and an hour for the curing time. If you are short on time, use a mobile windshield service that will fix your windshield while you work, shop, or hang out at home.